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In 2006, Tony Paalman’s unique 1951 Pennock bodied Talbot Lago T26C Grand Sport was best in class Šnd won the preservation award at the `Post-War Surprises’ of the `Concours d’…legance Paleis t’Loo. The body was the last one built by the Dutch Pennock Company, before it closed down in 1952. `The more I looked at this car, the clearer it became that it had ben built specially for rallying,’ says Tony Paalman, the Dutchman who `discovered’ the car in the States. A rather unusual story about this car is, that when back in Holland, Paalman had difficulties firing up the engine again. Finally, the reason seemed to be that the car’s exhaust system was stuck with the ashes of its former owner, Mr. Maschek, whose last wish was to be spread over his cars. As soon as Paalman cleared the exhaust system, the Talbot-Lago was brought back to life again with an enormous cloud and a thunderous roar.

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