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Car: Ford Model 18 V-8 Type 40 Roadster
Year: 1932

1932 Ford Model 18 V-8 Type 40 Roadster
Engine no. C18D-180259

'32 Ford Roadster. The "Deuce". It broke the mold when it debuted with a powerful, flathead V-8 under the hood—but what was under the hood was almost overshadowed by the stunning, waterfall grill that stood ahead of the engine and the elegant body work that wrapped around and behind it. 

This maroon with black Deuce is a stunning, stock, example of one of the most sought-after V-8 Fords. A Deluxe model, '32 Roadsters like this—of which 6,893 Deluxe and 520 Standard were made—were extremely popular with post-WWII hot rodders. The cars that had survived into the 1940s and 1950s were often chopped, channeled, and sectioned with bigger and more powerful V-8s from the likes of Ford, the General and Mopar all getting shoehorned in place of the original V8-60. This Roadster was a lucky survivor though, remaining unmodified all these years.

One reason for its survival is its long-term European ownership history, far from the cutting torches of the California and New England hot rodders. Records on file indicate that this Ford has been in the Netherlands since at least May of 1958, and probably in Europe longer than that—maybe since new. Joining the Hartogh Collection in February of 1995, its sinister maroon with black paint and interior is well balanced with the cowl-mounted driving lights that were standard on Deluxe models, black wheels with blackwall tires, and an auxiliary horn. For family outings, a rumble seat out back is the perfect spot for extra guests and kids.

Unmolested Deuce Roadsters are a rare find, and this Beauty is certainly not to be missed! 

This car is Mille Miglia eligible and has a coefficient of 1.60!

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