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Car: Can anybody help us identify the race where this car was entered in?

Does anybody have any more information, history, photo’s about the de Laperrelle cars?

Voitures Légère Laperrelle, no longer a lost marque!

Paris, 5 Februari 2020

Tony Paalman: It was around noon when I met Pierrick and his father Jean Pierre De Laperrelle,
great grandson and great great grandson of Louis Joseph Fabien De Laperrelle.
Jean Pierre and Pierrick found us on the internet and after some arranging agreed to meet me in front of the entrance of Retromobile, from where we went to an opposite restaurant where theystarted to tell the story of their automotive family history.

Fabien De Laperrelle ( 1862 - 1923 ) was born in La Loupe, department D’Eure et Loire,where he became a wealthy entrepreneur who decided to transform his hunting lodge chateau “ Pavillon de Mottereau “ in a car manufaturing facility in 1898.

De Laperrelle build light cars ( Voitures Légères ) between 1898 and 1905  using mainly De Dion Bouton engines, Grouvelle et Arquembourg cooling systems and his own designchassis and gearbox.It is not known how many cars where build but at least one more survived. The other surviver is from the series CD5 car number 14. Jean Pierre found 4 more De Laperrelle cars registered in the early 1900’s in D’Eure et Loire,so most likely there where not many!

Fabien De Laperrelle left France for Algiers in the course of 1905 to start a new business venue. Not much more is known about him, only that he came back having lost most of his fortune and that he passed away in 1923.

Now the car that we have is number 96 from the KDB10 series build in circa 1901 with an 8 horsepower De Dion Bouton engine, pictured here in 1903 as a racing car wearing number 44.

Can anybody help to identify the race? Does anybody have any more information, history, photo’s about the De Laperrelle cars?

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