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Car: Panhard et Levassor type A2-05
Year: 1901
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1901 Panhard et Levassor type A2-05 
10 hp, 4 cylinder, Hanson Cab.
chassis no.  624
engine no. 2646
VCC dating certificate no. 1955

This exceptionally rare four-cylinder car with Cab Phaeton coachwork features, exceptionally, a forward control design with electrically operated gear change. The four-cylinder, vertical, in line engine, in accordance with La Système Panhard, has bore and stroke of 80mm x 120mm, displacing 2.4-litres. It drives through a cone clutch to a four-speed gearbox with final drive by side chains. Braking is provided by band brakes operating on the rear wheels, combined with spoon rear brakes operating on the tyres. The Hansom Cab-style coachwork was a factory option and this vehicle features forward control, separating the chauffeur from the owner who would sit snugly in the Hansom Cab rear, protected by a leather apron and a drop-down windscreen. Car no.624 was delivered, according to factory records, on 22nd April to M. Thorey of Avenue Friedland, presumably in Paris.

The coachwork is finished in black livery and the snug rear quarters furnished with black buttoned and pleated upholstery, with red cloth side panels. Passenger comforts are enhanced by railway carriage-style drop-down side windows, a vanity mirror and a net rack for parasol or umbrella, while ventilators in the roof at the rear provide extra comfort. Driving equipment includes oil side lamps and an oil rear lamp, a boa constrictor horn gives audible warning of approach and minimal driver’s instrumentation includes an Aries pressure gauge and a Smiths ammeter. The doughnut-shaped wheel beneath the steering wheel operates the electrical gear-change, the clutch operating like a pre-selector, giving noiseless and smooth gear changes. Further passenger comforts are provided by semi-elliptic leaf front springs and full-elliptic rear springs. The car sits on Michelin pneumatic tyres, 860mm x 85mm to the front and 1,000mm x 65mm to the rear. 
Previous owners where among others , past VVC president Brian Moore and the Ward Brothers collection . This car was chosen for exhibition at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance in California in 2008, drawing much interest and comment in the veteran line-up.
The Panhard et Levassor is ready for any event either concours d’elegance or a London to Brighton veteran car run, the car is a pure joy and a real head turner!

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