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Car: Cisitalia
Year: 1946

1946 Cisitalia

Founded in 1939 by Piero Dusio to manufacture sports equipment, Consorzio Industriale Sportiva Italia (Cisitalia) amassed a fortune for its former soccer star owner making military uniforms during WW2. A motor racing enthusiast, Dusio used his wealth to become involved with the sport he loved, building the first Cisitalia competition car in 1946. This was an advanced racing car with spaceframe chassis - the first time this method of construction had been used for a series-built racing car - powered by a modified FIAT 1100 engine. There being little else available at the time, the Cisitalia sold well and Dusio followed up this successful single-seater by building a two-seater sports car. Coupé and spyder versions were made, a racing version of the latter almost winning the Mille Miglia in 1947 with the legendary Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel. The fact that Nuvolari was able to lead the race in such a small-engined car speaks volumes for the Cisitalia's superior design, only the misfortune of a flooded magneto relegating him to second place. 

In 1948 Cisitalia introduced the hugely influential 202 Gran Sport coupé. Pinin Farina was responsible for styling the 202 which, with its elegant lines and integrated all-enveloping coachwork, set the pattern for every Gran Turismo that followed. Indeed, Pinin Farina and Cisitalia were uniquely honoured when the Museum of Modern Art in New York acquired a 202 for its collection. It was at this point that Dusio's ambition got the better of him; a supercharged 12-cylinder Grand Prix car was developed with the assistance of Ferdinand Porsche and Carlo Abarth among others, but the project all but bankrupted Cisitalia, forcing Piero Dusio to close down his Italian operation. President Juan Perron at that time send the well known argentine business man and racing driver Clemar Bucci to Italy and re-located Dusio to Argentina where he founded Autoar. 

Dusio took Ing. Renato Ciofi his leading constructor on the G.P. project that bankrupted him with him to Argentina and a great quantity of cars, chassis, engines and other parts, and in 1952 began building and rebuilding the competition Cisitalias again.

According to Roberto Gomez, president the "club de automoviles classicos de Argentina "and FIVA official this car with chassis number 22.9 was rebuilt from a crashed " Abarth" Cisitalia racing car by ing. Renato Ciofi of Auto Italia S.A. ( licence holder of Cisitalia) and the car was finished in 1957 with this beautiful sport corsa coupe body by Argentina's best body shop Carrozzeria Galicio for Ing. Roura. Auto Italia S.A. was the company that held all the race cars and spares that came from Italy to Argentina and was fronted by ing. Renato Cioffi to secure Dusio's "personal belongings " one of the typical updates that Cioffi did to the old race cars to be able to sell them to the Argentine was to convert the cars from right to left hand drive. As was done to our Sport Corsa Coupe.

After close inspection of the chassis and many hours of research with the leading argentine experts of Italian cars, mr. Cristian Bertschi , Guillermo and Estanislao Iacona, we came to the conclusion that this scuderia Abarth - Cisitalia chassis that this car has, most likely based the very first Cisitalia 2-seater race car that was ever built! Proof of that can be found in the facts that the car has the ultra short wheelbase of 228.5 cm, traces of the ones installed transverse leaf spring rear axle on the chassis that was experimented with by Cisitalia's first constructor Dante Giacosa. And the chassis construction itself that pre-dates the 202 and is very simular to car #4, the " Razzo ". Also the engine block still wears its pre-war Fiat id.number # 2398278, on all the later cars Dusio used his own Cisitalia engine numbers.

Without any doubt this is one of the most important pieces of Cisitalia's history and for sure one of the most beautiful Sport Corsa Coupe's ever built!

The price is 145000.- euros. Offers are invited.

The car is located at my house in the Netherlands and has EEC import documents, clear Argentine registration documents and Argentine FIVA passport.

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